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Crack Repair to Poured Concrete Walls
This is a simple but proven method for stopping water leakage through cracked   concrete basement walls. Injection ports are installed over the crack and epoxy or urethane grout is pressure injected.  The material sets up into a watertight seal that keeps water out of the basement.  When using the urethane grout, the seal remains flexible, so it holds even if the crack moves slightly. 
Structural Stitching

   This repair is made by embedding strips of carbon fiber into epoxy at various locations   perpendicular to the crack.  In addition, injection ports are installed and epoxy urethane is pressure injected.  Each crack must be looked at and evaluated individually.   In some cases it may be requested that an engineer be consulted.
Water and Sewer Line Sealing

    This repair is made by installing injection ports around the water or sewer service line, surface sealing, and then pressure injecting urethane grout or waterproof foam into the cavity.  This repair is very effective on those stubborn leaks that just will not stop completely when using the hydraulic cement patch method.  
  (ALL INJECTIONS DONE FROM INSIDE, NO EXCAVATING REQUIRED)                                                              
Window and Escape Wells, Covers and Grates  
     Window Wells - 37”x 16”x 24” galvanized window wells--standard ½ round.
                           Various sizes available. 
Escape Wells - from Bilco or Bowman Kemp 36” projection with grates and
ladders.These are determined per code.  Various sizes available

Grates and Covers - from Bilco, Bowman Kemp, and MacCourt Clear covers
        help keep out rain, leaves, etc.  Metal Grates prevent
                            accidental fall in.  Various sizes available. 

Humidity Analysis & Solutions

We visit the property, check for proper ventilation, take readings with a Hygrometer at various locations in the basement and suggest possible solutions to reduce moisture problems.
Sump Pump Battery Back-up Systems

We install a battery back-up sump pump in the existing sump crock. This system takes over in the event of a power failure when the existing AC sump pump would not operate. This additional pump helps your existing AC pump keep up during heavy water flow.  The system comes with a charging and monitoring system that displays all pertinent information.  Included is a deep cycle battery that will run the back-up sump for up to 8 hours.            
Radon Testing